Ringing In the New Year!

Happy new year fashionistas! Hope everyone had a blessed new year with family and close friends, I know I certainly did. I rang in the new year at church with my family. We sang songs of praises and listened to the word of God to give us some encouragement. What a great way to kick off the new year….. feeling encouraged!

A few of you are probably familiar with my blog “versatilefashionista.blogspot.com”. Phew! what a long name lol. Well guess what? Get excited! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally dropped the “blogspot”, and now it’s a “.com”. This year I’m starting with a clean slate.

I took a two year hiatus from blogging. I got married beginning of 2015, and after I got married I left NYC and moved to Massachusetts to be with my husband. Since I’ve been here, I haven’t felt inspired enough to blog.

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t felt inspired enough to blog. There’s just absolutely no inspiration at all whatsoever. People in Massachusetts are way more laid back, and not very fashion conscious. They would rather be comfortable, than fashionable so to speak.  I remember when I first moved back, all I used to wear were high-heeled shoes as if I were still back in NYC. People would see me and ask me if I were going to a fashion show. As time progressed I began to tone it down a bit, but still keeping it fashionable. It wasn’t until recently, when I was encouraged by the osofomaame (means first lady in Twi, my native language) of my church to start blogging  again because she really enjoyed my sense of style.

Moving forward, I’m going to keep it consistent. I will try my very best to post once a week. I’m also going to be posting only good quality photos that show details of my entire ensemble on the blog. And lastly, I’m going to be working with professional photographers only not my sisters or friends, and even random strangers of NYC. I know what you’re probably thinking, but desperate times did call for desperate measures (shrugs).  Without further a delay here is my first post of 2017.



As you can see these photos aren’t very recent. I actually took them on my birthday back in November. I was really feeling myself with my hands all up!

I don’t call myself versatile fashionista for nothing. I came up with a quote that best describes my sense of style which is “In fashion, versatility is always key”. I live by this quote. It’s a constant reminder especially when I shop. For me, I only invest in pieces I can get multiple wears out of. It can be shoes, garments, coats, handbags, and accessories. Majority of the time I always look for pieces that are versatile. I don’t buy an item, wear it once,  and then throw it at the back of your closet. No thank you! I will wear it again and again and even transition it into other seasons.


For the first look (above), I wanted to be a lil sexy and show off my curves. Hahaa….yeah ok. I could use a little more hips. Anyway, I wore a two piece outfit I got from H&M. For the second look, I wanted to be classy so I added the midi length pleated leather skirt from Zara. To complete the look I added the fur scarf I got at a vintage store in Boston. I kept my accessories to a minimal by wearing 2 gold chains (Michael Kors, and Kate Spade). My gold belt was also from a vintage shop, and my gold strap shoes were from Kenneth Cole.


Continue to Keep it versatile 🙂 See you in my next post. 


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