Still not over the tear-away trend

I remember the first I saw these pants. It was in the mid 90’s during my junior high school years (lol don’t calculate my age). This was before I even knew what the word “trend” meant. These pants were everywhere! I spotted them on Sporty Spice from the “Spice Girls”, and then I noticed them on some of my favorite celebrities.

Next thing I knew, the popular girls at my school were wearing em too. In Toronto where I grew up during my childhood, these pants were refered to as tear-aways or tear-offs. The boys and girls at my school would wear them to phys-ed, with the buttons unsnapped, and when it was time to change into their gym clothes they would just tear them off in front of everyone because they had shorts underneath.

In between classes, I would walk by the popular girls in the hallways standing next to their lockers wearing them paired with crop tops and sneakers. I so badly wanted a pair! But when you’re young and living in an African household, it’s not always easy to get the things that you want from your very African parents. Especially my “Ghana dad” who would always complain about not having any money. I didn’t even bother to ask my mom because she wasn’t working at the time. I knew for a fact that I wasn’t going to be able to get my hands on one. Ever! Not even a knockoff version. In fashion things become a fad real quick, so after a couple of seasons this tear-away pant craze came to an end.

Fast forward some 20 years later and they are spotted on the runways, in the streets and on fashion blogs. This time around I was finally going to be able to get my hands on one. One thing about me is, I’m usually never in a hurry to buy an it item. Half the time I either wait for it to come on sale, or I find a similar pair sold at much cheaper price point.

I saw Zara’s version online and in store and I fell in love! After seeing the price tag marked for $90; which was obviously way too expensive for any pair of pants. I said to myself, I can totally wait for them to come on sale. A couple of weeks later, it is sold out on online and in stores. Oh joy! Once again I was going to miss the opportunity to rock this tear-away trend. I checked at some of my favorite places to shop, and I came across similar styles. Although I wasn’t absolutely in love with them, I purchased one nonetheless. Luckily, during Zara’s annual Winter sale, I found one misplaced in the coat section of the women’s department and I snagged it real quick!

If you are loving this trend, you beta grab yourself a pair before it becomes a fad. Just make sure to pair them with platforms, especially if you are short like me because they run super long.

Pants— Similar, here and here

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