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I joined ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) in my sophomore year of high school because absolutely didn’t want to take phys-Ed. Swimming was apart of the curriculum and I did not want to be in water especially in the Winter time.  I also didn’t want to mess up my very permed hair lol.

ROTC didn’t require too much physical activity. The few physical things that were required were the drills every Friday morning, and laps around the school canal. Another requirement was that I had to wear my ROTC uniform the whole day on Thursdays. I also had to take a classroom course in military history and customs. At first I liked being in ROTC. I felt proud and respected by my peers and teachers when I would walk through the hallways at school with my uniform on.

Each time I saw my cousin at school on the days I wore my uniform, she would point and burst out in laughter for at least a good 2 minuets. I laughed right back, because automatically I knew why she was laughing so hard. She never failed to mention how funny I looked walking with my petit 5 foot stature wearing the uniform along with the polished patented leather shoes.

I mean this girl continued to laugh at me for the duration of the semester. But I didn’t take it to too personal, as I’m not one to take anything too personal. I figured she was just being her usual silly self.

As the school year went on and the weather changed, I realized that being in ROTC wasn’t all that great.  I no longer wanted to be in it anymore. I got annoyed with the morning drills and the laps around the school canal come rain or shine. And I think I low key felt embarrassed being laughed at by my cousin as well.

For the following semester I made the decision to drop ROTC and enroll in physical-Ed once again. This time around I made sure I was well prepared. I got a note from my doctor stating that the chlorine irritated my eyes. So I was benched during the 2 weeks of swimming. Even with that, I was still had to participate in the other physical activities of the course.

The moral of the story is that nothing in life is easy. No matter how much you try to get out of it. You still have to go through obstacles and and deal with people who are going to laugh or comment. looking back, I wish I had stayed in ROTC. ROTC would’ve instilled skills such as character, leadership, development, and community service.


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Happy New week!

Jackie O.


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