I’ve got the blues

lately I’ve been wearing a lot blue clothes. I was never one to care for the color blue, or maybe I’ve been so drawn to the color because of what it represents. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  Those are qualities that are representative of myself and what I seek in others. What is your favorite color, and what are some of the characteristics you seek in people?

For this look, I went with two shoe options. For the first option, I wore a multicolor sandal heel which complimented the the suit set very well.

I’m not one to ever wear sneakers because of my short stature. And if heels didn’t give me corns and bunions, preferably I’d wear heels over flats any day. For the second shoe option, I wanted to switch up the look in an androgynous way so I went with an all white classic Reebok sneakers.

Red is absolutely a great contrast against so many hues, especially blue. I added my Zara quilted fanny pack as an accessory, making it the focal point of the look.

Zara Suit set—Similar

Have a fabulous week!

X.O.X.O, Jackie O.


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