Growing up I always felt insecure about my body because I felt that I wasn’t curvy enough like my sister and most of my friends. I hated going out with them because guys would only pay attention to them because of their voluptuous figure. Whenever I got dressed, I tried as much as I could to avoid anything that fitted my body.

Now that I am older, I appreciate every part of my body. I’ve come into terms with my petite frame, and my little bootie lol. God created me this way, and I’ve learned to accept it. This is why I love the True and Co. lingerie collection. They represent beauty in all shapes and forms. The collection was created by women with the needs of women in mind. Their nude tone bra and underwear set makes me feel beautiful, empowered, and strong no matter my so called “flaws”.

Thank you True and Co. for reaching out and asking me to be a part of this campaign, and for constantly reminding women of how beautiful we are!


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