My name is Jackie O. I am originally from Ghana, but I live in America. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for fashion. Growing up my mother would always dress me up in mix matching clothes. At times she would even put jeans or pants underneath my dresses, because she didn’t want me to get cold while playing in the school yard lol.

As I grew older, I became a bit more fashion conscious. I knew what I looked good in and what I didn’t. I also became more aware of current fashion trends.

During my high school years, I was often referred to by my friends and peers as the “fashionable girl”. Friends would even come to me for styling tips. So it was by no means a surprise, when I went to college in the fashion capital of the world to pursue a degree in fashion marketing and management.

Upon completion of my bachelors degree, I was fortunate enough to land a job with the company where I interned during my final year of college.¬†Whenever I am asked to describe personal style in one word, I always say “versatile”. “Versatility is always key in fashion” That is the motto I’ve conjured. With any piece of garment, I can re-create multiple looks from it. In fashion there are no rules so I don’t mind to repeat myself. I also love to transition any piece of garment from one season to the next. I love clothes of all colors, textures, and fabrications. My style is also inspired by my enviroment, and influenced by my culture. Whenever I cannot find inspiration in my closet, I simple look to the streets of New York City. And it never disappoints. I’m also inspired by other fashion bloggers and fashion designers.

More than anything I show regards for the occasion and circumstance in which I find myself. My versatile sense of fashion also allows me to be a risk taker or fashion forward. One day I can be prim and proper with an A-line skirt and tucked in button down silk shirt, and pencil heels. And on another day, when I want to blend in and keep it street and rugged. I will opt for a pair of distressed boyfriend fitted jeans, a white T-shirt, with a leather biker jacket and Chuck Taylors.

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